Mr. Sajid Gillani, C.E.O

Mr Sajid Gillani, the initiator of Gillani Estates & Builder is renowned for his passion, leadership and steadfast commitment to consistently producing a high level of achievement, with the Experience of 15 years in real estate industries known for his enthusiastic approach to leadership and never-ending energy; He is a dynamic and resourceful leader with a successful track record.

Message from Chief Executive

Chief Executive Sajid Gillani

Chief Executive Sajid Gillani

I firmly believe that if we can achieve a place in the heart and mind of our customers as

a provider of innovative solutions for this integrated community will be a success for us as a successful projects Multi Center, Gillani Arcade, Victoria Heights, City Square and Faisal Square.Its experienced team is truly capable to provide a living standard and profitable investment to our prestigious customers through this projects.
our customers expectation and try to fully satisfy their needs and requirements and we are already known to fulfill our commitments.

You are most welcome at Gillani Estate & Builders.

Sajid Gillani





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